The National Aged Care Alliance is a representative body of peak national organisations in aged care, including consumer groups, providers, unions and health professionals, working together to determine a more positive future for aged care in Australia.


23 & 24 February 2017 | Canberra

22 & 23 May 2017 | Melbourne

24 & 25 August 2017 | Canberra

23 & 24 November 2017 | Adelaide

Blueprint Series 2: (2015)
This paper responds to the Australian Government's desire to look at further reform and the Aged Care Sector Statement of Principles which was developed to guide future reform. It sets out our vision, the objectives we think need to be met to fulfil the vision, and the steps that stakeholders, particularly governments, can take to create a stronger aged care future for all.
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NACA Orientation Booklet
The Alliance has developed the NACA Orientation Booklet to provide the public with a better understanding of who the Alliance is and what the Alliance does.
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Blueprint Series 1: (2012)
The Alliance has developed this Blueprint which outlines how the major reforms needed can begin in a responsible way as part of this year's Federal Budget.
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Leading the Way (2009)
Our Vision for Support and Care of Older Australians
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Equity of Access and Outcomes Statement of Principles
The following set of principles is designed to guide the design, development, implementation and evaluation of aged care reform in order to ensure equity of access and outcome for all older Australians. Some examples of barriers and issues with proposed actions have been identified. We know these may change or others may emerge over time. While the Principles will remain, we envisage the barriers/issues and actions will require regular review and updating.
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Improving the Interface between the Aged Care and Disability Sectors Discussion Paper
The National Aged Care Alliance (the Alliance) has long been concerned that the needs of older people with disability will not be met by the aged care system.Over 2015-16, the Alliance has examined the ageing and disability interface. With the imminent implementation of aged care reforms and the full NDIS, the Alliance remains concerned that there will not be adequate support for older people with disability within the suite of aged care programs as they are designed today. The Alliance is also concerned that the interface between the disability and aged care sectors is not yet clearly articulated or understood by either sector.
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NACA Position Statement for the 2016 Federal Election
The Alliance has developed this Position Statement for the 2016 Federal election in order to highlight a range of positions which, if pursued by the Australian Parliament, would help achieve significant further improvement in aged care services to cater for the needs of the diversity of older Australians. The Position Statement builds on the proposals outlined in the Alliance’s 2015 Blueprint II, which in turn updated and built on the Alliance’s first Blueprint for Aged Care Reform published in 2012..
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Commonwealth Home Support Programme Consultation Paper
The National Aged Care Alliance (the Alliance) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department of Social Services (the Department) consultation on the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) key documents including the CHSP Programme Manual for Providers, the CHSP National Fees Policy Consultation Paper and the Good Practice Guide for Restorative Care Approaches (incorporating wellness and reablement).
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Response to the Key Directions for the CHSP Discussion Paper
The National Aged Care Alliance (the Alliance) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department of Social Services (the Department) Discussion Paper 'Key directions for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme Basic support for older people living at home'. This short response builds on the Alliance’s advice of September 2013 'Commonwealth Home Support Programme Design Paper'.
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Assessment and the Aged Care Service System Paper
This paper provides ideas, and outlines issues, to inform the development of an effective and efficient assessment approach and process which balances the outlined outcomes across the aged care service - both home and residential care.
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